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Thanks T.  
01:58am 23/06/2006
See you soon! Your getting pwned! You better be practicing guitar!

Today (technically todays yesterday) I was late for work but nobody cared because I seem to be well loved at work. Haha. Yeeeah.

Tomorrow (technically tomorrows yesterday) I will have an easy day at work because it is short staffed. Now you'd think this would maximize my workload, but no, you would be wrong.

I officially have my paid vacation days taken care of and am going to use them to do absolutely nothing. Well, except to visit my dad and some friends. But other than that I plan on being so low productive and lazy, I begin to wonder if I'll just sleep it all away lol.

Last night (technically the day before yesterdays tonight(!) I went to see the Scarlet Sins at the Horseshoe w/ my amigo Chris. It was a good show, but we had to wait painfully long until the end to hear them.

And there was this one aggressive jerk who reminded me of why I hate being in large groups of people who I don't know... but he didn't completely ruin the night.

I've been talking to someone who has been cheering me up lately...
Plot: The Night
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04:46pm 18/06/2006
I picked up mah F.V. Tour ticket! I only got a Lawn ticket, but I'm so happy that I'm going!
Plot: The lawn
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i love long weekends  
04:35pm 18/06/2006
Well Sunday is here and this weekend is almost kaput. But not for me!
I get tomorrow and Tuesday off! Well actually I'm required to attend a couple of meetings, but it sure is going to feel like a long w/e!

I exchanged my mem. card for a new one yesterday, and it was really funny. The store clerk didn't understand at first what he was doing when he was fiddling with the camera. I had a humorous 15 second video clip of it, because he inadvertently pressed the record button. I ended up deleting it, or I would have linked it on here for a laugh or two.

All the pictures I snapped at Anime North can now be found here:

This was pre-digital btw. Strictly 2 or 3 star pictures...
I am cosplaying Reno from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. ^_^

Well, I'm starving so I'm going to go make lots of perogies.
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'Picture it..' or 'My dog ate my PowerPoint presentation'  
10:18pm 15/06/2006
From here on out, I am finally able to join the masses and partake in the wonderful world of digital photography.

Not but 6 hours ago, I purchased my first (low-end) digital camera, and expect to go on many snapping sprees. This is, of course, assuming I cough up the extra yen to buy a crapload of batteries and a decent sized sd card.
This could potentially put my wallet in the red zone, where I'm not sure it would be so wise to put it right now.

Tomorrow, after work, I am off to Hamilton for a visit with one of my best friends, who has invited me for a weekend adventure. More on that when I return.

At work, the deadlines keep getting tighter for certain things, and it looks like I probably won't finish all the things I was supposed to. But I never sweat the details, and they can take what they get, which will be top-notch results on all the things I did manage to complete anyway.

I daydream alot lately that I am in France with one of my co-workers (who is on vacation there) and how nice it would be to sit at cafe's all day, sipping lattes and visiting museums. And snapping photos of Parisian landmarks and beautiful femmes, and to see the sun rise and set behind the Eiffel tower.
I want to travel so bad... My first and foremost destination would have to be Tokyo, Japan though. And if fate would have the fortitude to make me ever leave that place, then maybe I'd hit up France. :)

Yes, indeed it is a great thing, to daydream...
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Diru w/ Family Values Tour  
09:22pm 15/06/2006
As most already know, Dir en grey are coming to Toronto as part of the Family Values Tour, and tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. Lawn tickets are going for only 10 bucks, but I really need a 50dollar ticket!

I wonder if Kyo's voice will still sound alright. I hear it is dwindling from constant screeching and his smoking habit. I don't really care. How often will I even get to so much as see them live anyhow!? HOW OFTEN?, I ask you!

Anywhichways, It's a good chance to see Korn too. All my friends went to the last Korn show and I missed it. :(

Also, to get to see Deftones for a 2nd time is great, and I can't wait to hear Stone Sour's new material...

But Dir en grey!!! That's my real reason for wanting to go.
Plot: The Moon
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Grawr! haha  
11:49pm 12/06/2006
I just made this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting for my friend. I think it's pretty solid for a first try at this sort of thing. ^^

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something for your eyes & ears  
09:42pm 12/06/2006

Ruki is so evil in this video >)
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12:37am 18/01/2005
current update: I'm in Toronto again, I don't know.
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(no subject)  
02:08am 07/11/2004
uig DRun k'''

hiyaa tuggyghere
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(no subject)  
05:09pm 14/07/2004
Flood yourself with asian horror. You'll thank yourself over and over again.
Except, maybe, after watching Ju-on: The Grudge and soiling your shorts.

In unrelated news, I've been working unsteadily for some time now. I don't go out clubbing too much anymore (actually, not at all in the last few months), and have become sort of reclusive. I dunno why. I don't have the same drive to have fun anymore. What is this all about?

I went to an anime con in May, and that was okay, but I need to get out more...


Any ideas? Hey, I know it's summer! Again, what is this all about? Bleh.
Well, anyhow, Hi everyone! I sort of miss surfing the net. Hope your all well. I'll try and read all the updates I can without liquifying my eyeballs. And I hope I'm on again soon to post up some of the more interesting going-ons. (YES, there are some! ^-^)

Well, cheers...
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